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iHealth Answers – introductions

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iHealth Answers is a new way for us to communicate to you. Health can be a mystery in many ways and it can get scary when things go wrong. Navigating the healthcare system in the US is also complicated and mysterious. Just like the body, sometimes the healthcare system breaks down. 

iHealth Clinic is designed to improve access to patients. Decreasing costs and improving convenience helps patients get access to valuable healthcare. Access also means access to knowledge. Learning about health should be accessible to everyone. 

Every week, iHealth Clinic will try to answer some questions from the community. There are only two limitations for the questions: 1. they must be related to human health (no pets or plants) and 2. they must be respectful to everyone. 

I’m sure everyone’s had some questions about their body, how some disease may work, or how our health system works. Hopefully, we can increase our community’s access to information that can be interesting, sometimes funny and hopefully useful. 



Dr. Timothy H Wong
iHealth Clinic