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6008 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

p: (412) 203-5810
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About iHealth Clinic

iHealth Clinic is a new type of clinic in Pittsburgh that follows the Direct Access Primary Care model.

Which means:

Low Cost
Focus on Patient Care (and not insurances)

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No Appointments
Walk-In Visits
No Insurance Needed

Get Care on Your Terms
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Low Costs
We save money by not working with insurances and pass on those savings to you:
No Copays
No Deductibles
No Surprise Bills
Just $35 for Most Visits
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Working with insurances can distract from your care. Whether you have health insurance or you do not, we focus on you and not what insurance wants.

What is Direct Access Primary Care?

Direct Access Primary Care

DAPC is a new way of delivering care that aims to promote access to high-quality care. By utilizing technology, efficient processes and by not working with insurances; DAPC can deliver care that is affordable and obtainable.
Who Benefits Most from DAPC?


Anyone with issues getting care can be seen at DAPC Clinics. DAPC is a great option especially for:

Patients without Insurance
Patients with Insurance but High Copays or Deductibles

Getting care should be as easy as walking in...


Dr. Timothy H Wong

Undergraduate: Cornell Univeristy
Medical School: Upstate Medical University
Residency: UPMC Shadyside Hospital
Specialty: Board-Certified Family Physician

Doctor Timothy H Wong

Timothy H Wong, of the iHealth Clinic, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician. He specializes in primary care and utilizing technology to improve patient health. He previously worked in Indiana, PA as a family physician and Director of Quality in a group of 77 providers. His medical care incorporates the biopsychosocial model into everyday practice. His clinical interests include integrating technology and medicine, chronic care, and patient education. He has been a pioneer in a new type of delivering care called Direct Access Primary Care that emphasizes access to medical care at low cost. iHealth Clinic has grown steadily and is a proof of concept for this exciting model of care.

Dr. Wong was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His interests include the latest gadgets, aquascaping, his pet Chinchillas, comics and spending time with his wife.

What would healthcare look like it if it was simple?

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Questions

iHealth Clinic sees patients of all ages (including pediatrics and geriatrics).

We have a special contract with local diagnostic labs so that you can get blood work cheaply. Often, it can be cheaper getting blood work though iHealth Clinic than even using your insurance (a cholesterol panel or thyroid test is $20). If you want to use your insurance, you can (most insurances recognize our orders).

Blood work cost depends on the type of blood test and can vary between $15 to $100+ when ordering through iHealth Clinic.
iHealth Clinic treats most primary care and urgent care issues. There are a few things that we do not do: pap smears, gynecological exams (though we can treat some gynecological issues), IUD or Nexplanon placement, casting and splinting.

We do not provide any dental care beyond the scope of primary care.

We are able to perform some testing on-site for quick results. We can currently check for Blood Sugar, Influenza, Strep Throat, Urinanalysis, Urine Pregnancy. Some testing requires a small additional fee.

Like any other clinic, iHealth Clinic can prescribe medications (blood pressure medications, asthma inhalers, anxiety medications, etc.). We do not routinely prescribe narcotic medications.
We can do many procedures in the clinic including: knee injections, sutures (for cuts), suture and staple removal, debridement of wounds
Most patients do not need referrals. If you do need a referral, we can offer some suggestions. You would have to discuss the price of such visits with the other office.
We do not administer any vaccines as these can be done at pharmacies (for those with insurance) and at the Allegheny Immunization Clinic (for those without insurance).

We do not have X-ray/CT Scan/Ultrasound/MRI facilities on site. The first step in obtaining imaging would be to walk in for a visit to be evaluated and to receive a doctor’s order if required. We work with a nearby facility to get lower cost testing for our patients.

Payment Questions

The majority of visits are $40. If patients have complex visits and would like more issues addressed at the same visit, it would be $10 per extra issue. Testing done in the office and procedures may also yield additional charges.

Ex. Having your high blood pressure and diabetes managed would be $45 for the visit. Having your sore throat evaluated would be $35.

Since we do not work with any health insurance, patients without insurance can be seen at iHealth Clinic. In fact, it is often much cheaper for those without insurance to be seen at iHealth Clinic then elsewhere.

iHealth Clinic requires payment after the visit and accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards, HSA and FSA. Personal checks are not accepted.

Our visits can be more than 60% cheaper than traditional urgent care and primary care providers due to our Direct Access Primary Care model.

We do not charge copays or memberships.
The cost of the visit does not include any prescriptions you may need. Since most insurances accept our orders, you can use insurance if you would like. We also work with you in finding the cheapest pharmacy and medication for you.
We work with a nearby facility that provides high quality imaging at low costs. If you have insurance and would like to go to another facility, this would be fine as well.
We never bill insurances and are not in-network with any insurance. Most insurances do accept our orders, which gives you the flexibility of using your insurance if you would like.
We do not work directly with any Christian Cost Sharing organization. We can see patients who belong to Christian Cost Sharing organizations but the patient would be responsible for the cost of the visit just as any other patient would.
New Patient Questions
If you have recently been to the hospital or to the emergency room, please bring all hospital documentation available.

If you have insurance, you can bring your insurance card as it may be helpful if you require medication or testing.

If you are on any medications, you can bring in the bottles so that we can accurately record what you are taking.

Otherwise, only a form of payment is required.
Most patients do not wait more than 15 minutes. The slowest clinic times are from 2-3:30pm. You can also see the current waiting time on our main page.

Parking can be found on the street but also at Eastside Bond Garage (45 minutes free).

Our visit is designed to be simple and convenient. You will first check in on a computer kiosk and then see the doctor. Most visits are less than 15 minutes to avoid making others wait. At the end of the visit, you will be responsible for payment and the doctor will go over instructions with you.
Currently, we do not have a translation service available since they can be more costly than the visit. If the patient may have issues understanding English, we have a translation device but it would also be helpful to bring a translator that can help.
We do not take any scheduled appointments as clinic visits are walk-ins to maximize convenience. In the future, iHealth Teleclinic Video Appointments that can be done remotely will be scheduled.
iHealth Clinic was built on the idea that people should have access to care. We will always accept new patients.

You do not have to bring in records or have records sent before your first visit (if you have a complex medical history, you can bring your records with you). Just walk in.

Established Patient Questions

Refill requests are best done through the online Patient Portal. You can also call and leave a message.

Refills may require a follow up visit to ensure safety and appropriate management.
You should receive a phone call from iHealth Clinic once test results are reviewed.

You may need to follow up in the clinic if the test results require a discussion and further management.
Follow up visits are through walk-in appointments at the clinic. No need to schedule a visit.
It is clinic policy to have a visit if an antibiotic is needed. We do not regularly send antibiotics without an evaluation due to the high use of inappropriate antibiotics.

Still have Questions?

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Our story started with an idea that healthcare could be better. Designed around improving access, iHealth Clinic is changing how to deliver care.

Learn more about our journey below.