iHealth Clinic is different. We have 3 guiding principles in how we do things:

1. Healthcare needs to be simple

2. Healthcare needs to be about the patient and the doctor

3. Healthcare needs to be accessible

These three ideas are the foundation of how we designed iHealth Clinic for you. We don’t take health insurance because insurances complicated your care. Our clinic has one doctor and no staff. You communicate with the only employee who knows you best – your doctor. By being incredibly efficient and doing things a little differently, we can lower costs and that means you pay less for the care you need.

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Medicine is difficult. Most people would agree and it is more difficult for patients who need help. A complex healthcare system is not what we need. iHealth Clinic is designed to be as simple as possible. 

Here’s one way we make things simple: iHealth Clinic does not take medical insurance. 

Medical insurances are good to have for major health issues but not so good when you just need to see the doctor when you’re sick. Navigating deductibles, copays, coinsurance is not easy. Medical offices working with insurances have increased paperwork, delays in care with constant communication with insurance companies and increased costs when hiring staff to work with insurance companies. Be a smart patient: use your health insurance when you need it and don’t use it when you don’t need it. 

Primary care is about you and the doctor at iHealth Clinic. You communicate directly with the person who knows your health. We made communication easy because you need access to your doctor when you’re sick. 

Use our iHealth Telemedicine App if you need a diagnosis and treatment or to manage your chronic illness. Need a refill or have a simple question? Use our patient portal. If you need to be seen in person, come to the iHealth Clinic in Pittsburgh and just walk in. 

Being sick is tough enough. When the healthcare system does not work with you and against you, being sick is even worse. 

iHealth Clinic is improving access to patients because we believe it is the right thing to do. 

  • We are building our own Telemedicine platform so you can get care almost anywhere 
  • We have convenient hours and are here 7 days a week
  • We have designed the office to keep prices low so that those with insurance and those without can be seen – access also means affordable care