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Anxiety Treatment

iHealth Clinic

No Health Insurance Required
No Copays, No Deductibes

Anxiety is VERY common

18% of adults

have anxiety in the US

(40x the entire population of Allegheny County).

Anxiety is UNDERtreated

60% of people with the diagnosis do NOT get help.

(over 100,000 people in Allegheny County with anxiety and without help)


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Telemedicine for Anxiety is a Click Away

Diagnose and Treatment virtually at your own home. Get help today.

Why is Anxiety UNDERtreated?

There are many obstacles that prevent people from getting treated.

Diagnosis Problems:

– Patients may not realize that they have anxiety
– Patients may not seek help from a professional
(due to fear, embarrassment, lack of healthcare, etc.)

– Professionals may not diagnose correctly

Treatment Problems:

– Patients may not have treatment plans that are affordable
– Treatments often take time to fully work and this can be difficult for some
– Anxious patients tend to be fearful of many side-effects even if rare

Anxiety Comes in Many Forms

Generalized Anxiety Disorder


throughout the day and interfering with activities.

Panic Disorder


that causes periods of intense anxiety and physical symptoms

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


that is caused by an extremely stressful/dangerous event

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


that causes worry of certain things and the need to do a certain action

Social Anxiety Disorder


of being in public and in certain situations with other people

Specific Phobias


that is caused by a specific trigger (ex. Spiders)
Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Help

The first step is realizing that you may need help. People can live with anxiety, but you don’t have to. Imagine how deeper your relationships will be, how more enjoyment special moments would bring and being yourself again.

step 1:

Seeking Help

step 2:

Get a Diagnosis

step 3:

Create a Plan

step 4:

Maintain Treatment

Getting Help

iHealth Clinic is designed to help you get care:
Walk-in Visits (always), Low-Costs and the Expertise to help.

Unsure if you have Anxiety?

iHealth Clinic can help diagnose your issue. Anxiety is common but not the only possible diagnosis.

Treatment Plan

Create a unique and personal treatment plan with iHealth Clinic to get you feeling better.


Like any chronic disorder, making sure your treatment plan doesn’t have to change keep you feeling great.

You are  

Let Us Help

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