Most Primary Care or Urgent Care Visits for $35 without Health Insurance


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Dr. Timothy H Wong

iHealth Clinic is now open in Pittsburgh and bringing a new concept in medical care. If you do not have any health insurance, we can still see you. Your health is important and we can help. 

  • Low Cost
  • Total Care
  • Insurance

iHealth Clinic was founded on fair and transparent pricing. We keep our costs low so that we can keep our fees low. 

Every problem that we address (acne, anxiety or an Annual Physical) is the same price of $35. We only charge more if we address more problems. 

We will be getting special pricing for testing (blood work, radiology testing), so that you can benefit even more. We will also dispense generic medications soon and offer them at close-to-wholesale prices. If we don't have the generic medication here, we can work with you to get the medication cheaply. 

We treat both Acute and Chronic Issues. When you're sick, you need to get better. We offer convenient hours and will soon have a telemedicine app on Android and iOS (for the same price of $35). 

We also can help manage your chronic medical problems, manage refills and order routine testing. Most stable medical problems only require a few visits per year. That may only be around $100 spent at iHealth Clinic for the entire year to manage one chronic illness. That's about the same price as one visit at a traditional primary care doctor.  

Health Insurance is important because you never know if you may need urgent and expensive care (the average ER visit if $1200 and having appendicitis can cost more than $30000. Purchasing health insurance isn't easy because of the many options and the high premiums. Even if you do have insurance, you may be "underinsured" and have high out-of-pocket costs.

Here are some resources for you:      PA Benefits      PA HIPP      MAWD      Great Pittsburgh Article

While you look for insurance, your health shouldn't have to wait. Come see us at our office whether you're sick or overdue for an annual physical.

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