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iHealth Clinic is not your typical doctor’s office. Here are our major differences. 

Payment – we do not take any medical insurance. Payment is through cash, credit or debit card. The price of the visit is determined by how many problems you would like addressed. There are no membership fees, no hidden fees.

Access – we provide telemedicine visits through our app (it’s close to being done) and accept walk-in appointments at our clinic in Pittsburgh. The only appointment you have to schedule is our video telemedicine visit. Our clinic and iHealth-Text visits do not need any appointments. We know that no one plans ahead on being sick.

Contacting iHealth Clinic depends on what you need:

If you have simple questions, need refills, want to see test results, use our patient portal here.

If you have a new problem, would like to be reevaluated for a medical problem that you already have, use our telemedicine app (video or text visit) or walk in to our office.

We may not be available to answer the phone if the physician is with a patient. Leave a voicemail and we’ll get back to you on the same day. Our number if 412-203-5810. 

iHealth Clinic treats any medical condition that the provider is comfortable treating. This is very broad and involves the complete range of primary care. Obviously, not all medical conditions can be treated only by a primary care physician, but primary care helps coordinate care done by specialists as well. 

Second Opinions: if you are already being treated by a healthcare provider for a problem but would like to get a second opinion, iHealth Clinic can provide a new perspective and add to your treatment plan. 

Physicals, Sports Physicals require a physical exam and must be done at the office in Pittsburgh. 

iHealth Clinic does not regularly provide narcotic medications like opioid pain medications or certain anxiety medications. 


iHealth Clinic providers are Primary Care Providers and are board-certified in primary care. We can provide primary care services just as any other primary care office or telemedicine service. We provide “Annual Physicals” and preventive services at iHealth Clinic.

As we do not accept insurance, patients may be assigned or asked to find a primary care provider that is in their insurance’s network. Regardless of if you do have an assigned PCP, we can still act as your PCP and keep you as healthy as possible. 

Yes and no. 

Direct Primary Care (DCP) is a relatively new form of medical delivery in the USA. The AAFP defines DCP as “The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is a practice and payment model where patients/consumers pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services.” 

iHealth Clinic does not charge for periodic payments or membership fees. We offer an innovative model of charging only for services provided. 

Per PA State Law, our clinic is under the legal definition of DPC as we charge for a “service”. 

While iHealth Clinic is legally a Direct Primary Care provider, we consider ourselves an atypical one as we do not charge memberships or for periodic payments. Our philosophy is that you should pay only for what you need. 


Concierge medicine, in general, involves charging periodic fees. Concierge medicine also often charges medical insurances as well. 

iHealth Clinic does not charge any periodic fees and does not charge any medical insurance ever. 



In-Clinic Medications: iHealth Clinic has a supply of generic medications available for patients. These are only available at the office in Pittsburgh. Patients can save on average over 50% when compared to By providing you medications in our clinic, we save you time, copays and money. An up-to-date list of medications can be found below.

Brand-name Medications: Sometimes brand-name drugs are required for your treatment plan. These are usually easiest to get when using your medical insurance. As we do not accept medical insurance, we cannot guarantee your medical insurance will honor the prescription but we can work with you in getting the medication. 

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