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Monday – Friday:      8am – 7pm
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Dr. Timothy H Wong

iHealth Clinic is now open in Pittsburgh and bringing a new concept in medical care. Traditional medical care involves Primary Care for major, chronic issues. See how iHealth compares:

  • Lower Cost
  • Better Care
  • More Convenient

iHealth Clinic was founded on fair and transparent pricing. We keep our costs low so that we can keep our fees low. Your total bill at iHealth Clinic is often much cheaper than your doctor's office bill. 

Insurances make you pay for Copays and any medical fees until you hit your yearly Deductible. That means you may have to pay the entire bill at the PCP's office. The average cost was $106 in 2016 according to the Health Care Cost Institute

One visit at iHealth Clinic could save you $70 even if you used your health insurance. What can you do with $70?

Buy 70 Hermit Carbs or 17 pillows or a 2TB Portable HDD.

(iHealth Clinic does not endorse or is affiliated in anyway with the above products)

iHealth Clinic is staffed by one physician. So you get consistent care from a board-certified Family Physician at all times. 

At iHealth Clinic, we can take care of your chronic health issues. We take a biopsychosocial model to our care (meaning that we look at the biology, the psychology and the social factors that influence your health). 

We are developing free personalized educational handouts for our patients that no other clinic has. We will also be releasing free online chronic care resources for our patients. We believe that an educated patient is a healthier patient. 

Cheaper visits, more convenient hours and walk-in appointments means you get access to your physician when you need it at iHealth Clinic. 

Whether you have high blood pressure or a bad cold, you can be seen on the same-day and without a scheduled appointment. 

We will be releasing our Telemedicine app in Fall of 2019. Available on iOS and Android, you can get care from your phone at home. 

Primary Care Provider

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Acute + Chronic Care

Acute + Chronic Care

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Eastside Bond Garage: free for 45 minutes

Street Parking: $3 for 2 hours;
free after 6pm and on Sundays

Accepting New Patients!

Message us, we’re just a click away. 

(please note that we cannot give medical advice through email due to confidentiality laws – but we’d be happy to answer any other questions)