iHealth Clinic

6008 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206

p: (412) 203-5810
f: (855) 279-6317

iHealth Teleclinic

$35 Online Doctor Visit for the fastest Treatment for Poison Ivy

Steroid Prescription sent to your Local Pharmacy


advice from a medical professional just for you


non-narcotic medications sent to your pharmacy


blood work, x-rays, ultrasound ordered


work excuses, pet therapy letters and more


referrals for therapy or other specialties

Teleclinic Instructions

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Fill out Form

Find Invitation Email (with custom link to your Google Meet visit)

At the requested time and date, you can click the link and proceed to the Google Meet.

If you cannot joint, please wait as that means the doctor has not opened the meeting yet.

Any issues – can call 412-203-5810.